September 15, 2020, 6:30 p.m.


Attendance:  Mark Bauknight (President), Wayne Hudson (Vice President), Father Bob, Joe Branton, Eric Meyer, Lisa Chapman-Bauknight, Richard Pinkham, and Donna Hudson.  Father Bob opened the meeting with a prayer.


Minutes from the June 16, 2020 meeting were approved.   The minutes will be posted on the St. Mary’s Website.  Upon completion of a Council meeting, the minutes will be emailed to all members and comments or approval will be accomplished virtually.  



  1. Financial Report – Father Bob:

    1. The operating checking account balance is $47,648.74.

    2. The savings account balance is $148,935.44.

  2. St. Mary’s Outreach – Donna Hudson for Carolyn Gibbs:

    1. No meetings have been held since March 2020, due to the on-going Pandemic.

    2. The Food Drive is going well.  The collected food continues to be provided to the Ravenel Baptist Church Food Pantry.  An email was sent to all Parishioners requesting they continue with their generosity.  We have recently learned that the need for these distributions will be greater this year.  

    3. The Outreach Committee delivered “Thinking of You” cards and snacks to Roper St. Francis Hospital to the nurses’ break rooms.

    4. We are beginning to investigate the possibility of supporting the “Angel Tree” in some way this Christmas season.  Lynn Branton will ask the Ravenel Baptist Church if there is a need there.



  1. Safety/Security Ministry – Wayne Hudson:

    1. Per Father Bob, this group can begin meeting again – but must ensure we follow social distancing and mask guidelines.  Wayne will send and email to the current members to coordinate a date for the first meeting.

    2. We will designate someone to Chair this Committee and provide reports to the Parish Council.  



  1. Parish Center Project – Mark Bauknight: (OPEN)

    1. Donna H. reports that Phase 1 of this project is considered completed.  The final amount owed to Meadors Architecture Firm has been sent to Father Bob and Mark Bauknight for remittance.  If we require any additional work, a new statement of work must be accomplished.

    2. Mark B reminds us we paused this project due to Covid-19 and we now must decide if we continue forward with presenting to the Parish for fundraising or not.  Right now we do not have the same audience to present to.

      1. The discussion centered on the fact attendance at St. Mary’s has dropped.  Many people have not returned and some parishioners have left our Parish.  Therefore, we should focus on building our attendance back up.

      2. Some have stated they were leaving since St. Mary’s was no longer holding CCD classes.  We should decide to start back up our CCD classes.

      3. One concern raised is that we aren’t currently using the existing Parish Center, except for these meetings.  

      4. All agreed we should come up with ways to re-energize and grow our Parish attendance.  A motion was made, and approved to delay the fundraising for a new Parish Center.  We will develop a Strategic Plan that includes the Parish Center and a way forward.  Members should come to the next Council meeting with ideas on how to improve our attendance.

  2. Finance Committee Budget for 2020 – Father Bob: (OPEN)

    1. Father Bob stated we do not have a 2021 budget.  It was discussed that we need to have an annual budget; part of the issue seems to be the fact that there is currently only one person left on the Finance Committee.  Other members have resigned for various reasons.

    2. Lisa Chapman-Bauknight and Wayne Hudson volunteered to become members of the Finance Committee.  In addition, Father Bob will advertise a need for additional members in the bulletin.

    3. Wayne Hudson asked if there was still a need to support Catholic Education fees for one of our parishioner.  Father Bob stated that family was able to work that issue out.  Joe Branton stated there is a line item in our current budget to assist with these requests.

    4. A motion was put forth to increase the membership on the Finance Committee.  This motion was carried.

  3. Plenary Indulgence – Father Bob: (CLOSED)

    1. This event was set up to coincide with the Bicentennial Celebration.  Since it focused on smaller Parishes, we were asked to participate.  However, due to the pandemic, we have not been able to participate.

  4. Promissory Note Verification from Diocese – Father Bob:  (CLOSED)

    1. Father Bob received a verification letter from the Diocese.  

  1. Church Safety/COVID-19 at 50% Occupancy – Father Bob:  (CLOSED)

    1. We need to monitor capacity at the different Masses.  25-30 people keep us at capacity for the 50% maximum allowed.  There was discussion about replacing the front pew for additional seating.  However, it was determined we will leave seating as is for now.

  2. Metal Trades Construction Impacts – Eric Meyer: (CLOSED)

    1. There have been no further issues associated with the proposed construction project that will occur across the street from St. Mary’s.  The residents of this area have noted that noise levels have been better and efforts to pick up the trash have been noticed.



a.  Church Maintenance POCs – Mark Bauknight: (OPEN)

  1. Joe Branton stated he ordered new filters for the A/C unit. 

  2. Since this meeting went long, we will suspend the New Business section to the October Meeting.  However, Mark stated he would like to discuss this subject and appoint POCs to ensure the required upkeep is accomplished.


4. COMMENTS:  Additional New Business will include:  Sponsoring for Catholic Education, and By Laws for the Parish Council. 


5. NEXT PARISH COUNCIL MEETING:  The next meeting is scheduled for October 13, 2020 at 6:30 pm.


6. CLOSING PRAYER – Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully Submitted,


Donna Hudson

Secretary, St. Mary’s Parish Pastoral Council