June 16, 2020, 6:30 p.m.


Attendance:  Joe Branton (President), Eric Meyer, Mark Bauknight, Lisa Chapman-Bauknight, Wayne Hudson, Richard Pinkham and Donna Hudson.  Joe Branton opened the meeting with a prayer.  Father Bob was unable to attend, but provided some information for tonight’s meeting.


Minutes from the May 26, 2020 meeting were voted to be approved pending changes made to page 3:  New Business (c).  The discussion now reflects that it was determined we would continue to break as planned for July and August and resume regularly scheduled meetings in September 2020.



  1. Financial Report – Father Bob:

    1. The operating checking account balance is $40,180.  The savings account balance is $148,435.00.

  2. St. Mary’s Outreach – Carolyn Gibbs:

    1. No meetings have been held since March 2020.

    2. The Food Drive is going well.  The collected food is being delivered to Ravenel Baptist Church’s food pantry.  This past month there has been a weekly car full of food.  There was an abundant amount of food for the last delivery, so it was done in two carloads.  The Committee will continue to support this food drive, we will send out pictures of everyone’s generosity as we move forward.  A special “Thank You” to Lynn Branton who brings the food items over.

    3. The Outreach Committee will meet again in September.  Have a relaxing summer.

  3. Safety/Security Ministry – Wayne Hudson:

    1. We are waiting the “go ahead” to start meeting again.  Therefore, no report.




  1. Parish Center Project – Mark Bauknight: (DEFERRED TO SEPT 2020)

  2. Finance Committee Budget for 2020 – Father Bob: (OPEN)

    1. Father Bob is in discussions with Steve Sharry. and others regarding the budget.

    2. One issue that has been raised is when a Parishioner wants to send their child or children to Catholic School, such as Blessed Sacrament, can we assist with the tuition costs if requested.  In some parishes, it is customary to help out a parishioner (if asked) by paying the difference between the School’s “parishioner” and “non-parishioner” tuition rates.  That difference, for Blessed Sacrament, is approximately $80/month for 12 months.  It was discussed that we would like to find a way to support the Catholic Education of our youth.  We will address this item at the September meeting.  

  3. Plenary Indulgence – Father Bob: (DEFERRED TO SEPT 2020)

  4. Altar Flowers – Joe Branton: (CLOSED)

    1. One suggestion was that the Secretary could get them ordered and delivered on the days she is working at the Parish.

    2. Mark Bauknight stated Leslie Bauknight has volunteered to lead this effort and work with a florist to get fresh flowers delivered for Sunday services.   

e. Use of Parish Website for Council Meetings – Donna Hudson: (CLOSED)

i.   It was suggested the Parish Council Meeting Minutes be placed on the Parish’s website.  Joe Branton stated the minutes would have to be approved before they could be posted.

  1. Promissory Note Verification from Diocese – Father Bob:

    1. Father Bob stated he would get an email sent off to John Barker and the BCC Committee requesting a letter regarding our completed obligation.  However, for verification, we have the cancelled check.

  1. Church Safety/COVID-19 at 50% Occupancy – Father Bob: (OPEN)

    1. Joe Branton stated in his discussions with Father Bob that we would continue with our current process until further direction from the Diocese.

    2. The numbers of those attending Mass continue to be down, we are seeing less than 50%.  We will continue to monitor this issue.


a.  Determine Next Meeting Date - Joe Branton: (CLOSED)

  1. It was discussed that we would not need to meet in July or August; therefore, our next meeting would be our regularly scheduled second Tuesday of the month.

  2. We will resume meetings on September 15, 2020.  However, if there is an issue that comes up requiring our attention over the summer break, we will call an emergency meeting.

  1. Information on Metal Trades – Eric Meyer:  (OPEN)

    1. Metal Trades has submitted for a zoning variance to begin constructing a 61-foot building – this is to be located directly across the street from our Parish.

    2. This building is for a new contract Metal Trades has with a company and will increase their employees by 55.

    3. There have been discussions with the Mayor of Meggett, Metal Trades, local residents, and others expressing concerns about the increase in trash on the roads, speeding of personnel to and from their work site, the increased noise level, and other quality of life issues.  Joe B. has attended these discussions as a representative of our Parish Council.

    4. There is another meeting scheduled for later this week, June 18, 2020.  We will continue these discussions and keep the Council informed.

  1. Parish Council Officers:  Nominations/Elections – Joe Branton: (CLOSED)

    1. Parish Council officers typically hold their positions for two years, unless no one else volunteers.

    2. Joe Branton has been President for eight years and will be resigning as the President.  However, he would like to continue his membership on the Parish Council.  Donna Hudson has been the Secretary for one year, and agreed to continue on the council for another year. 

    3. Mark Bauknight volunteered to be President and Wayne Hudson volunteered to be Vice President.  This motion was seconded and all agreed. 


4.  COMMENTS:  None


5.  NEXT PARISH COUNCIL MEETING:  The next meeting is scheduled for September 15, 2020 at 6:30 pm.


6.  CLOSING PRAYER – Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully Submitted,


Donna Hudson

Secretary, St. Mary’s Parish Pastoral Council